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Hill Folk

Stereotypes aside, the names and ways of our family who come from the hills are a wonderful study of our collective history.

The Family of Creety Texan Yeater

One of my very favorite names in our database belongs to one Creety Texan Yeater. When folks check out the names in the database, his name always invokes comments such as, "Well, there's no doubt that guy came from the hills!" The Yeater clan (quite large, actually) is related to our Wayts by virtue of Creety's marriage to Catherine I.B. Wayt, daughter of Henry A.W. and Rachel Jane Wilson Wayt.

This photo, kindly submitted by Creety's grandson, Don Wesley (who is the little boy in the front with his head turned), shows the whole family ca. 1944-45. The original image (cropped here to display on the web page) contained a handwritten listing of the folks posing for this photo. To the best of my ability to read and position the handwriting, here's the who's who:

The back row L-R (starting from the woman on the extreme left holding an object: Mary Ruth King (daughter of Henry and Dessie P. Yeater King, Creety's niece), Mary Elizabeth 'Betty' Maxwell Yeater (you can see just her face over Mary Ruth's right shoulder, Creety's daughter-in-law, wife of Burrell Wilson Yeater), Burrell Wilson Yeater (Creety's son), Dessie P. Yeater King (Creety's sister and wife of Henry King), Beatrice Yeater (not sure who this lady is, there is no Beatrice listed in Christopher's family, so she is possibly the wife of one of his sons), Woodrow L. Wesley (Don Wesley's father).

The front row of adults L-R: Catherine Maxine Yeater Cook (Creety's daughter and wife of Robert L. Cook), Ruth Yeater (not sure who this lady is, but there is a marriage note on the internet that Creety's brother, Harvey Upton Yeater married one Mary Ruth Jenkins, so this is possibly her), Charlotte Virginia Yeater Wesley (wife of Woodrow Wesley, Creety's daughter), Catherine I.B. Wayt Yeater, Harvey Upton Yeater (aka Harvey N. Yeater, Creety's brother), Creety Yeater, Christopher E. Yeater.

The children in the foreground L-R are: Fredrick Maxwell Yeater (son of Burrell Wilson and Mary Maxwell Yeater), I.B. Kathleen Wesley and Donald Brooks Wesley.

Anyone who can add to the information in this photo (including where it was taken - Cameron?) is invited to drop me a note. (Besides, I would love to learn what 'I.B.' stands for!)

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