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The Kansas Wayts: Part 1

The story of the Wayts family of Kansas from descendant Nancy Wayts Ayers.

Nancy believes that this article (below left) was about her father, Paul Wayts, and although she included a photocopy of a small photo of her dad on a pony, it didn't scan well enough to include here. The image was of Paul and a pony he received for Christmas in 1910.

"It wouldn't surprise me if the young man was my Dad and the family didn't want his name put in the paper," Nancy wrote. "Dad told me about getting the pony, but he never told me about this. This sounds like something the a Wayts would do."

Since Paul Wayts would have been only eight years old at the time, I'm wondering if he was 'frightened' along with his horse!

For those of you not familiar with Nancy, she has been a tremendous help with the information on this website in regard to our 'western' Wayt family. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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