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Two Weddings

Sometimes, what appears to be "obvious" in old photographs isn't quite so when the facts are examined.

Newlyweds William Vincent & Idella Charlotte Horton Jones (seated on the right) and two members of their wedding party, Elizabeth Margaret Wayt (?) and Idella's brother, Thomas Horton.

Tamryn Burgin Glaser is the great-granddaughter of Adam August & Addie Wayt Horton, and she has been exceptionally kind to send along a number of priceless photos of the Horton family, whom she has been researching for some time now.

There is some mystery surrounding the photo above, however. There is writing that accompanies the photo which suggests that this might be a double wedding (the word 'weddings' is used). However, it is hard to figure out exactly what this would refer to. Thomas Horton would have been only fifteen years old in November 1927 when this photo was taken (and he looks to be about that in this photo), and we have an additional record that he was married to one Angela Delmonaco on 13 June 1934.

In addition, it's not clear who the 'Margaret Wayt' is in the photo. My guess (noted above) was based upon a number of factors: proximity to the wedding, age of the woman, and closeness of relation to the newlyweds. Elizabeth M. Wayt was the daughter of George A. & Ida Clementine Kirts Wayt and was born in 1911, making her right about Thomas' age, and a natural pair if we assume that they are Best Man and Maid of Honor.

After a few emails with Tamryn, we decided that the other couple inferred by the word 'weddings' could simply be friends of William and Idella and not pictured in the photo.

Ain't genealogy fun?

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